Graphics Install

Before you start

Inspect your plastics, if they are scuffed and scratched or have major damage it may be worth looking at replacing them. Before you start to install a graphics kit your plastics need to be in a reasonable / excellent condition.

To install motorcycle graphics you will need:

  • adhesive paper tape;
  • paper knife / scissors;
  • hair dryer or heat gun;
  • degreasing agent or alcohol-water mixture;
  • squeegee (optional);

Wash your hands. It is very important to have clean hands while you are preparing surface and working with motorcycle graphics. Oily / dirty hands will reduce the ability of your bike graphics to adhere.

Preparing surface

Before you start to Install your graphics you have to remove old/OEM decals. You can use a hair dryer or heat gun to warm the old/OEM graphics for easy removal. Clean the surface with de-greasing agent. You do not want to leave any glue residue from the old graphics, oils or dirt. Your plastics should be warm before applying a graphics kit. We recommend you to keep plastics in a room with temperature more than 15°C / 60 ºF for several hours.